What to Bring at Admission
- 6 Tops

- 6 Bottoms
- 1 Belt

- 2 pair of shoes

(Gym Shoes, Boots, Casual)
- 6 Pairs of Undergarments (Underwear & Socks)
- 2 sets of Pajamas

- 1 Pair of Shower Shoes (encouraged)
- Shampoo/Conditioner
- Toothpaste/Toothbrush
- Body Wash/Soap
- Wallet with ID and insurance card

- Bring your medications

- All feminine products must be unopened (brand new)

-No blankets or pillows

-No nail polish or nail polish remover

-No cell phones or any electronic devices

Everything must be in a plastic trash bag (No suitcases, bags or purses)

Cigarettes and tobacco can only be purchased through Woodhaven. No outside tobacco will be accepted


What to Wear

- Clothing is to be tasteful.

- No sexually graphic, gang affiliated, or brands/implications of drugs or alcoholic logos. 

- Shorts should be at an appropriate length. (no daisy dukes)

- Undergarments and/or underwear should never be visible to others.

- Pants are to be worn above the hips.
- Clothing should be loose and appropriate with no visibility of cleavage.

- No Sunglasses

How long is the program?

Treatment is up to six months or less based upon client’s individual progress and clinical staff’s discretion.

When can I make a phone call?

Phone calls can be made at a scheduled time during the week on a signup sheet.  Calls are restricted to 15 minutes.  There are also pay phones that cost $.50 cents to use available at times noted in program schedule.

What medications do you use when detoxing?

Woodhaven does not use Suboxone or Methadone while in treatment.

However, we do use comfort medications to help with withdrawal symptoms.

How does visitation work?

Visitation happens after the client has completed 30 days in treatment.

Clients can notify their family when they meet the requirements for visits.

Can I use tobacco while in treatment?

Woodhaven allows our clients to smoke during designated smoke times. 

We do have smoke rooms on the floors that clients have access to at scheduled times throughout the day.

Electronic devices allowed, but times still follow for use.

How long am will I be in AMBULATORY detox for?

Clients are assessed several times daily and consistently monitored by medical staff until the client is cleared by the medical department from ambulatory detox.

What if I have a court date to attend while in treatment?

Should you have a court date coming up with in the next week, we ask that you go to that court date first. 

Once a client is admitted they will be assigned a case manager who can assist the client with any future court dates, but this does NOT guarantee that the client will be cleared to leave the facility by clinical and medical staff.

In order to concentrate on recovery from substance abuse we do not generally approve any external appointments for the first 30 days of treatment.

Does Woodhaven provide Transportation?

Woodhaven can provide transportation depending on how far the client lives and if they do not have a support group to assist them.

What type of insurance does Woodhaven accept?

We take all Ohio Medicaid and self-pay options.

This includes:





United Health Care Community Plan


If you choose the self-pay route please call our office to discuss in further detail.

What is the client's contact information while in treatment?

1 Elizabeth Place, Dayton, OH 45417   

Fax Number: 937-813-8260

Must have client's name and know what floor they are on.