Both clinical and medical assessments are done prior to admission to determine the level of care needed to best help our clients. Woodhaven has adopted ASAM's nationally recognized Patient Placement Criteria for the Treatment of. Substance-Related Disorders. 

Withdrawal Management Detoxification

Withdrawal management (WM) refers to the medical and psychological care of clients who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms as a result of ceasing or reducing use of  drugs that they have become dependent on.   It is very common for people who complete withdrawal management to relapse to drug use. It is unrealistic to think that withdrawal management will lead to sustained abstinence. Rather, withdrawal management is an important first step before a client transitions to psychosocial treatment. Providing withdrawal management in a way that reduces the discomfort of clients and shows empathy for them, can help to build trust between patients and treatment staff of closed settings. 

Individual Counseling

Each week Woodhaven clients receive one-on-one counseling sessions with their counselor.

Group Counseling

Woodhaven has no more than 12 clients in any group which helps with fostering a feeling of closeness within the group.  

Crisis Intervention

Woodhaven staff are trained in crisis de-escalation techniques to respond to a crisis or emergency experienced by our clients, a family member and/or other. Woodhaven does not use seclusion or restraint.

Residential Treatment and Outpatient Services

Our Intake department will determine the level of care needed once a drug and alcohol assessment is completed.

Case Management

These are activities provided to assist and support individuals in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services essential to meeting basic human needs.

Woodhaven Residential Treatment Center

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